A Need to Rant

Because I'm fucking sick of my "friends".

Ok first, lets start with Pinky (Pinkie?) You remember Pinky, yes? My original bitch about her was likely due to her idiotic husband who dumped her three cats in the country.

Sidestepping for a moment: I make it clear I don't date men with kids, right? So I just now received a message that says "ooops, i have 2 boys". So what? So I won't date you, moron. Does this mean I can't talk to you? Just because I'm obviously more adept at birth control usage, doesn't mean you can't be spoken to. You probably think your kids are fabulous, and don't fully realize how disgusting they truly are. That's ok, we can still speak. Just don't expect blissful matrimony in our future until you pawn them on eBay.

I'm only half kidding.

So anyway, Pinky...

OH! And THEN I get the guy that on his little self-filled questionnaire, next to 'restaurant' he writes: "Sometimes". Really? Like your norm is a cattle trough and on occasion you can peel yourself away from reruns of Larry the Cable Guy long enough to grab a triple-dead-cow-corpse in Burger King? Spare me.

(I seriously should join dating sites, if nothing else, it gives me cheap entertainment.)

As I was saying about Pinky, she has this uneducated, fat slab of a friend that I don't get along with. This slab is Pinky's free babysitter, next door neighbor (Slabby moved into the other side of the duplex from Pinky) and overall head-patting cunt. To Slabby, Pinky can do no wrong. I suspect this is because Slabby's so bottom feeding herself that mundane connection to anyone else is like reaching for the stars.

"If you were a new sandwich at McDonalds, you would be called McGorgeous" Seriously? What the fuck is this? You know he didn't write that generic bullshit himself!

I've got ADD today when it comes to Pinky, she's kind of a boring topic these days so I'll get to the point. I suggest we go out, get a few drinks. She tells me "I can't because of the medication I'm on". I say ok, because you know, I understand that. Then.. On her Facebook page she posts, I always hate drinking alone, I need a friend!!!! At this point someone anyone, doesnt drinking alone make you an alcoholic???

And then, "Well, let's just say a whole bottle of mascato myself equals a very rough day today. : )"

Oh yes, she did. So I respond by saying, "I thought you didn't drink?

Pinky: No I said not really anymore cuz of my meds, but last night was an extra special nite

Me: Good to know. You can drink with me this weekend, then. God knows I need it.

Pinky: Uumm after last nite, I'm not drinking for a while

See the shit I deal with? And the entire time, you know Slabby is patting her on the head telling her it's all ok to be a cunt, because Slabby knows no different.

So the Pinkster's leaving, or has already left her husband. They've filed bankruptcy because he ran them into the ground. She's gotten rid of another 3 dogs (god only knows where they went), gotten another cat, and fucked around on her estranged husband (before he was estranged), and quit the college she was attending with the hopes of getting into my class to finish her nursing degree.

Her life's peachy. Like fat, rotten, shit-filled peaches.

And I love it.

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