Case Studies in Stupidity: Volume VI [School-Appointed Advocacy & The Appeal]

So I'm a nursing student, right? Well, I wasn't for about 11 days. Why? Because I "didn't pass". For nursing school, one must meet the 79% average on quizzes and exams. As I've mentioned before, this semester has been a nightmare between health issues and other stressors. My grade allegedly fell at a 78.39%. It's a long story, as they all are, but I appealed the grade and the decision to boot me out of the nursing program. Why? Because my grade was actually a 79.03% based on the math at their website. I mathematically figured my grade based on test and quiz scores and my math agreed with the website - and not at 78.39. So here I go... I file my appeal and hire a lawyer. My appeal was today and I headed in this morning, equipped with my support system (one on my payroll, the other my mother) and I'm greeted by the Dean of Instruction and my school-appointed "advocate" that is there to "ensure I'm treated fairly and not discriminated against." My lawyer is told to keep quiet after he tried to explain to them that their math is faulty, so he sat next to me and slid papers my way to help with my defense. I explain to these people that it's as simple as their calculations sucking and that no matter how it's figured, I'm unable to recreate the 78.39% they've managed. My "advocate" is sitting to my left and asks me if I'm disputing any of my grades, to which I respond that no, I'm not, but I have no access to my grades aside from, again, their website that - AGAIN - states that I've passed 2nd semester. Therefore, I can't dispute my grade, because I'm unable to see my grades aside from what they've placed into the website.

My "advocate" starts telling me that "first semester was easy" and that it gets progressively harder, and am I "ready for third semester?" To which, you know, it really isn't the point whether or not I'm ready or capable of passing third or fourth semester since the entire reason we were there was to dispute that I passed 2nd semester, which - for the last time - I DID.

Hello, Advocate? You're not helping me out here.

You're fired. I'll bring my own Advocate next time. Are you sure you're in the right room?

Because honestly, I have no idea what you're doing here.


So Advocate starts telling me how "we're very dogmatic about our nursing scale grades and you understand that we are unable to round up scores." To which I replied that "yes, but you also can't round down either."

I was sure to point out that my grade was from their website and the information was entered by their teachers. Therefore, mistake or otherwise, it is their fault and I am not pleased.

It's simple math, people.

I don't know if they thought I wouldn't notice the discrepancy, or they thought I wouldn't fight, or maybe they thought I was too stupid to win this one. Whichever, I was underestimated.

So long story short, I won my appeal.

Take that.

Apparently, these people like to think they can play god with others' lives. That they don't have to base their decisions on anything factual and instead, can just pick and choose who is "worthy" and who is not. Since this has happened, I keep getting told that nursing schools do this quite frequently - just weed out those they don't like. Well, it didn't work this time. After my appeal, the Dean met with the teacher/s responsible for this. I was outside talking to my mother when they came. The teacher who made the alleged mistake with my grade stomped past us, a hateful, angry expression on her face, purposely and decidedly ignoring me.

Shame on you for playing with my future, toying with my emotions, sending my stress level through the proverbial roof. Shame on you for carrying things all the way to an appeal before sitting down and doing the basic math. Shame on you for underestimating me. Shame on you all.

I hate to say I told you so..

You lose. I win.

I'll see you all in the Fall.


lucky one said...

holy crap!!!! i had a feeling something was going on since i haven't seen anything on here, wall or tweet.
i can't not believe they thought you would fall for the bs!! you were right to fight and deserved to win your case. i understand how you felt. not to shift focus here, but having a similar problem with the insurance company. they thought we were going to accept their stupidity, i decided i their stupidity needed to be checked.
either way do not give up!!!
fight for what is right!!!
i am proud you did and you won!!!!!
you will kick their ass next semester!!!!

Vixen said...

Thank you :)

Yeah, they really did a number on me last semester. I'd like to finish my last year of nursing at another college, but so far I haven't found one that I think I could manage the drive. From now on I'll be keeping very close tabs on my grades, etc. because honestly, I'm a little leery of going back to this school. I pissed them off bad enough they might seek revenge, lol