As a Tribute to My Boredom

I've included a playlist to your left. Yes, I know it's all smooshed and shit, but instead of screwing with the entire template (which for me, could take hours) I just smashed the playlist. The only buttons you really need are "Play", "Back", and "Next", but if that's not good enough for you, click "Pop-Out Player" and you can see everything.

Thanks, and godspeed.


lucky one said...

hotel california! awesome!!!
btw, how do you add your twitter account on here? i love it!!
and yes i did steal your tupac quote as a status. sorry. but when you find something that speaks to you, sometimes you just need to share it.
thanks doll!!!!!!

Vixen said...

I just now saw this!

Twitter, you go here: http://twittercounter.com/
sign in and then go to "My Buttons".
Go down to where it says "Blogspot.com, Wordpress.com or Blogger.com user?" and copy the code. Then, you just place the code wherever on your blog you want it.

And I LOVE the Eagles! And Tupac's quote really did speak to me, lol.. Loud and clear.