An English Teacher Once Told Me

That when faced with writer's block, to write until the words began making sense.

I was above top of my class in English all through grade school. High school was the same, I was the never failing English Teacher's Pet (we won't discuss how my Math teachers felt about me). Then I reached college and suddenly.. My English grade dropped until it came to a screeching, miserable halt. Apparently, I don't take too kindly to being told what and how to write. I flunked English Comp 1A. She didn't like the way I wrote, disobeying all the "rules" and "formats" she put forth on topics I couldn't give a shit about. She gave me an Incomplete for the class, because she felt I had the ability to write well if I could learn to stay within the set forth parameters.

I did.

Or should I say instead that I learned to bullshit. I removed all aspects of my personality and my former teachings to write what I felt, and I regurgitated back at her what she was wanting to read. In short, I sucked all the life out of every paper I wrote. She gave me an A.

Normally, I rebel against such blatant antagonists of my will, but I needed the class to move on. I haven't yet taken English Comp II, simply because I'm still stinging over the lifeless shit I had to write back then. And that was about 5 years ago.

So why mention it now, you ask? Because I'm writing until it makes sense.

Nobody said it had to be interesting.


The Ranter's Box said...

Hi Vixen, I just discovered your blog believe it or not, through the 'next blog' button... Yes, those types of English teachers pretty much suck. I had mine in high school. My professor hated that I had studied one of the 'classics' five years before while living in a different state -and that I knew more about the book than she did. So, to get me back one day the bitch stops the entire class and goes on a tirade about how I must have fake eye lashes because no one could have eye lashes like I do if they were real. I kid you not, this woman was insane and delusional!! ... Anyhow, keep writing like 'You' and it will be the best thing you have ever done!!!
- The Ranter's Box

lucky one said...

english was always my best subject too. until college that is. i think we must have had the same teacher. mine said the same thing to me.
i did what was asked to pass the class and now it's all about what i want to write about. :D
compII is different.
it all makes sense~~~