Case Studies in Stupidity [Special Edition] : Dear Geek-Boy,

You knew you'd wind up here, sooner or later.

So you want to bash me, eh? Alright. Let's go.

Thirty-three (almost 34), living with mommy and daddy and a 29 year old sister that has never had a date, works as one of those fat librarians, and hasn't ever left mommy and daddy's home. Does it bother you that I bash your sister? It shouldn't. How would I even know these things if you hadn't told me?

You thought I was mean and oh-so-sarcastic when you dated me? You really had no idea. I should have told you what I really thought when I was thinking it. You would have ignored it anyway to sit on your lazy ass in front of your computer to watch that ridiculous anime shit. Oh, and your porn? The little scantily clothed anime girls? Creepy. The tiny asian girls you had pictures of? Aren't they, like, a little young? The "rape-play uncensored" video you had on your desktop? That's pretty much the only way you can get it, isn't it? Dare to dream, freak boy, dare to dream.

{{His mommy called my house at 5am one time.. He hopped straight out of bed to answer the phone. Oh, if only I'd gotten there first. Your boy's in my house, bitch. They get off the phone, and it rings at 6:30am.. Guess who? Daddy! And while we're on the topic of his mother..}}

The cat you "rescued" that you took to your parents? I do think they killed her. Maybe not intentionally, but because they're incompetent. Face it, your mama was a housekeeper in a vet's office, that entitles her to know, approximately, jack shit.

So tell me, Geek-Boy, why didn't you tell your little gay friend that you, too, have had sex with a male? I realize you claim you weren't impressed by the encounter, but really, wouldn't it have gained you more camaraderie with the homosexual than simply bashing the chick you were dating?

I love how you'd tell the Nudist not to send pictures to your phone, or warn her to behave because I was in the room. How did she like it? Being your dirty little secret? I don't have a problem with her, strangely enough. She's a nudist, she's a whore, and those are her words, because she knows and doesn't hide what manner of beast she is. You think she really likes you, and perhaps she does, but that's only because she either pities you, or just because she's never met you.

Since our sex life (and lack thereof) is such a hot topic for you, may I remind you that you told me you "perform cunnilingus like it's an olympic sport"? *snicker* Um, no, you don't. You want to know why you never got laid? Because (regardless of how often you flaunt your penis), you just aren't that good. And then, you roll over and go to sleep, completely unable to get it back up. Every time we had sex that happened, you're a one-shot banger, baby. And that one shot was a blank.

I'm really not sure how to say it delicately, and I no longer care: you really grossed me out. Not at first, admittedly, but the longer we were "together" the more you bothered me. You think I didn't notice that you stopped brushing your teeth? Would you want to kiss someone with that disgusting yellow coating on their grill? I didn't. I started checking your toothbrush.. Dry. Every time. You couldn't even make it wet.

Also, your desperation disgusted me. Just because I had sex with you.. drunk, as you like to point out to your friends.. doesn't entitle you to fuck me any time. And the way you'd pout like a petulant child when your pathetic advances were rebuffed? Sad. You have two hands and what you consider an amazing penis, carry on, hopefully you're capable of at least loving yourself right.

Which brings me to my next point. You told me you loved me. Now, I don't know if you thought you did or if it was just a feeble attempt to get into my pants (you see how well that didn't work), but I think that it was because you're tired of being alone. And you are.. alone. And you'll always be.. alone, as long as you're the dead ass sitting in mama's house playing her bitch.

You poor, broke, bastard. A janitor. A temp-work janitor. Janitor's deserve some respect, it ain't an easy job. But a temporary janitor job? Who holds one of those? Oh, I know. You do. Did you honestly think you'd move into my house and never pay a dime? Just because your mama lets you, doesn't mean a real woman will. At least not one with standards. And my standards are through the roof. It took me awhile, but I realized just how far I'd truly sunk by keeping you around. I may be "career stupid" as you thought was clever to call it, but I'm far more educated than you and clearly more qualified to do.. well.. damn near everything than you are. I'll graduate as an RN and while I won't be filthy rich, compare my wages to that of a temporary janitor.

You were way out of your league.

Your car is junk. Your mommy's truck is junk. You have absolutely nothing to offer anyone aside from your mom and doing her dirty work, your dad and driving him to his doctor appointments, and your sister and her waddling her fat ass out of doing yard work because she's apparently even lazier than you are.

Your friends. From the little I know about them, they seem less like losers than you are. Makes me wonder what they see in you. You never did tell them that you were the reason you didn't hang out with them anymore. That you didn't want to go home on the days I worked, you wanted to stay at my house.. Maybe to sniff my panties (*shudder*) , I don't know, but you always told them it was me who didn't want you to go. Please. I wanted you to go long before you actually went. The things you said about me in emails to the gay boy and the nudist were hurtful, and they hurt my feelings. Briefly. I started chalking up your bad points and realized that there were no good. You used me as your excuse to be a prick to your people. Because as always, you're a coward.

I still have the "pay back agreement" for the money you owe me, and don't think I've forgotten. It would have been so much simpler to settle it like civilized people. Although, I figured you'd try to weasel your way out of paying what you owe. I was hoping I wouldn't have to take you to court.

And before I finish, I must mention your condescending attitude. You always acted like you were so graciously ignoring my flaws, like you had any right to look down on me for anything. You have no place looking down on anybody. You're the bottom of the barrel, and one would really have to scrape it to find you.

I'm posting this on my blog even though it very obviously is going to make people wonder what the fuck *I* was thinking. I can honestly answer that I don't know. I'll take the flak about my bad decisions just to publicize what a desperate loser you are.

{{This post has been edited to add: Said Geek-Boy was/is a member of a group about being frustrated with members of the opposite sex. This was a post of his from back in January:

My personal favorite is when a girl agrees to meet you somewhere. You arrive early, get a table, and wait. And wait. You finally get a phone call, she's outside and you give her directions to the table - straight ahead and left. And wait. She got distracted halfway across the restaurant because she ran into a group of friends and totally forgot she was meeting you and is no longer interested.

Here's what he said about me before we met:

As demonstrated by my most recent attempt at dating: girls, always remember - when attempting to date always make sure to carry over every single slight a male has perpetrated on you onto the new guy, give him the 3rd degree, exhaust every conversational topic before you even reach the first date, and only talk via text. Oh and never, ever tell them your real name - the lack of trust is far outweighed by the personal benefits gained. Like the ability to stay single.

Why did we only talk via text? Because he was apparently too chickenshit to call. Every single slight? I'm not even sure what that means. About my real name.. If you're too stupid to ask, don't expect to be told.

And my favorite, "lack of trust".. That's laughable from you, motherfucker.}}

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lucky one said...

hey geek boy!
since we all know you will read this soon, i have to agree, you are one hell of a sick mommy's boy!!!
get off the mommy train, make a living and get a life.
oh and btw, pay up what you owe. trust me it's safer.