Oh the Time Away

And I've missed you, my Lovelies. Ok, well maybe not, since I doubt I still have many readers - BUT - I do miss my blog!

As of January 16th, 2011, I will be a 4th semester Crisis Care student. Yes, this means I passed 3rd semester! I will graduate in May. Crazy, huh?

Oh, my.. I don't even know where to begin, and it's all such old news now, so as always when I've been neglecting you, you're going to get the abbreviated version. K? K.

After Geek Boy, I began dating another guy, who I shall call, Jay. Jay is a human pig (sorry animal piggies out there, I specified 'human' so as not to offend you all!) Jay cuts his girlfriends a little too close, as if he's incapable of being alone. The night I met him (we talked for months beforehand), we ran into his "girlfriend". He said they weren't in a "relationship" but she clearly disagreed. I took his word for it, because while he was a lot of faulty things, he never did lie to me (he told me things most guys would have been smart enough to lie about). Now that we're broken up - about 2 weeks ago, end of semester, math problems in school, he chose the wrong time to be a self-centered prick - he probably has somebody else. I hold no ill will towards him, and I hope that someday he grows up. He'll never be successful in a relationship until he does.

So I'm enjoying being single, really. I've said before I love dating, that it's when it starts to get serious that I freak. I'm somewhat commitment phobic. Or so I'm told. I'm ok with this.

So, I went out last Saturday night with friends (two classmates and their husbands - one of whom I can't stand - and a male friend of mine) and it really kind of sucked. I just wasn't feeling any of it, but that all stemmed from the friend's husband being there. His very presence makes me cringe. You know how sometimes you just get a bad feeling about someone? It doesn't help that I hate how he treats her, and that he's a hunter too. He's a loser on all counts, where I'm concerned. If she wants to settle, who am I to stop her? So I drank a bit and next thing you know, I'm totally inebriated. I hadn't eaten, since they chose to go to a steakhouse. Steak. House. Vegetarian. No good. So happy drink, happy buzz, not-so-happy sudden drunkeness. I washed my hands, and bathed my phone. It hung out in rice ICU for awhile and now seems to be working - tentatively. I really should eat before drinking. Fo sho.

I'm looking for another job. I'm still employed at the same PRN place, but I fired my biggest client because he has alzheimer's and was getting violent. They don't pay me enough to deal with that shit. Another of my clients went to Hospice, so I lost her as well. Really sad situation. So, as usual, I'm poor, broke, and well, poor.

I'm on a dating website. Yeah, me. Really. I created the profile because the last ex had one and refused to get rid of it (see? Told you, jackass.) After I dumped him, I kept mine. I've met one guy in person, and while I found him fairly attractive, he's just too skinny for me. That's ok though, because I haven't heard from him since, so he just wasn't that into me either! Yeah, I know, shocking. But it happens! I've been talking/texting a few others and have found a few that I really enjoy talking to. I'll keep you posted. After all, my dating adventures are wonderful fodder for my blog, if nothing else ;)


Anonymous said...

welcome back...you're right to trust your instincts about people, they're there for a reason.

good luck with the dating thing and hope you at least meet a few strange ones just to give you blogging inspiration!

Vixen said...

Thank you!

So far ALL I've met are strange ones! lol

Toni said...

welcome back my dear - i missed ya :)

Vixen said...

I've missed you too! Where have you been?! You can still post here, you know!

lucky one said...

welcome back! i know i have not been around too. i have to say you blog makes better reading. LOL
trust your gut!! you know when it's good and when it's not. i am so happy to read you graduate in may!!!
btw, stop bathing the phone. LOL