Because I Don't Know What Else to Do..

..and I'm nervous. So the guy I mentioned in this post.. the one that I wanted to be with that didn't want to be with me.. Well, he and I began texting again about a year ago, thanks to my friend Pinky that initiated it (as me, through my phone). Anyway, I had an opportunity to see him about 3 weeks after communication commenced, but I opted out because I was dating Geek Boy (I know, stupid, right?) and I suppose because I wasn't really ready. I'm not sure I am now. In fact, I'm, pretty certain I'm not.

That being said, he's headed through Kansas today and is stopping here. He'll likely stay overnight and continue his drive in the morning (it's a 21 hour drive from his departure to destination).

This is the one man that has ever broken my heart.

Am I crazy? Maybe.



Dirty said...


Vixen said...

And with such a profound opinion and nonexistent profile, you might be, who?

Dirty said...


Vixen said...

Fascinating. I do so adore appealing to the cagey masses.