I was laying in bed last night and blogging crossed my mind. I realized I haven't had any really good stories to share lately, and am saddened to say this must mean my life has grown dull. At least from outside standards, as I have tons of stress with end of school and all, which makes me long for boredom.

This guy and I got along wonderfully - maybe even better than before, if that's possible. He came back to KS three weeks later, and was/is scheduled to be here for my graduation weekend. I say so with hesitancy, because as far as I'm concerned, he's blown it again. He said that dumping me a year and a half ago was the biggest mistake of his life. So he makes it again?

Anyway, he and I haven't spoken for four days now (today is day 4) just because the last thing he said to me was, "I'll text you later, baby" and I refuse to make the next move. If this had been the first time, it may be different, but he's gone (again) from falling all over himself treating me like I should be treated, to slacking off. And I'm sick of it. I have several guys that seem to adore me (they don't know me well, hahaha) and here I am hung up on the one that doesn't.

It makes me sad, absolutely, but you know what? It's ok. I shouldn't have expected more. To him, the above picture is dedicated. Grow up, dude. Seriously.

On another note, THIS gorgeous guy and I are talking again. We've been planning to meet up for quite awhile now, but it hasn't materialized. He did, ask me to Rockfest for the 14th of May, though. I turned it down because that was when the aforementioned guy was scheduled to be here (I graduate May 13). I'm kicking myself over that decision now, for obvious reasons (and just LOOK at that band line-up!) Did I mention he's gorgeous? Well he is. It may not be a perfect match, since he has two kids, and you know how I feel about that business. But I can still see him, and be seen with what may be the most beautiful piece of eye candy I've seen in awhile.. Did I mention he's gorgeous? Yeah, he is.

So, I graduate in three weeks! I still have to take my NCLEX, which is certainly going to prove to be great fun. I won't be telling anyone I've taken it until I pass. This shouldn't distress my reader/s (oh so few) since I post so irregularly these days, but you should know that I, am indeed, going to be an RN soon. If you're just dying to buy me a graduation prezzie, I've got a list that I will display upon request.

Likewise, if you're just dying to go get floor licking drunk to celebrate with me, I will also offer celebratory locations if you ask nicely and prove to not be a homicidal stalker type weirdo. I've met my quota for these, lately.

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