No Computers were Harmed in the Making of this Blog

Or were they? In the background search for this blog's creation, I was hit with a warning from my virus scanner telling me it "blocked" a suspicious website. Said there was nothing to 'repair' or 'delete' since it was blocked. I updated my virus scanner (Avast) because, well, because it told me to and then it asked me to reboot. I obliged. Everything went peachily until it tried to start back up; I got this:

So I restarted in safe mode, uninstalled (it disabled my virus scanner) and reinstalled my scanner, scanned my computer, found one virus (which apparently, it said, was one of three that had been there for months), threw them in my "virus chest" where they could do no further harm, and rebooted my computer because it asked nicely.

I got the same screen.

I left it run for a bit and finally it started up after what I'd guess to be about 5 minutes. And here I am.

So my beloved Idiot Box MacGyvers, any suggestions? Ideas? Sledgehammer, maybe? My computer is warrantied, so obviously that's a solution, but a pain in the ass one.

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