Well, I've Done It.

Scheduled my NCLEX-RN exam.

No, I'm not telling you when. I'm not telling anybody but my mommy, and I'm only telling her because I'll be staying in the test city the night before and need her to furkid-sit.

So here's the plan. I study until the day before the dreaded date, then I drive to the test city and rent a hotel room, where I will enjoy my relaxing evening and night to the best of my ability. I will then awaken the next morning and head, crying, to the test facility where I will vomit a few times and hopefully pull myself together long enough to check in with my Authorization to Test and drivers license. I will then return to the bathroom for a few more porcelain toilet god services. At 10:45 a.m. this morning I will be in the testing room, ready to take the biggest test I may ever take.

I have six hours to take this test, and it may be passed or failed in anywhere from 75-265 questions.

I'm sure I'll have a story to share when this endeavor has been completed.

I just hope it has a happy ending.

Wish me luck!

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