Cattiness - Not Just for Women Anymore

See, I went out with this guy a few times; he was nice enough at the time, I thought. It wasn't until the times that I didn't respond as quickly as he expected that I should to his text messages that the true colors began to shine through, and he became - as the title suggests - catty.

So he deleted me from his Facebook not long after this episode, to return later and apologize for being, I believe his words were, an "incessant asshole".

They all come back.. Have you noticed?

Apparently, he didn't get what he was looking for, again, because the cycle started all over. Ad nauseum. Am I a magnet for this type of man? He made a few snide comments on my facebook in response to a couple posts I made and when I went to his profile last night, I was unable to see it, say it with me, folks - AGAIN. So I blocked him on mine. Upon questioning me this morning if his comment was the reason for my actions, I merely stated that if I couldn't see his, why should he see mine? He "supposed I was right" and deleted and blocked me. He just texted to wish me to "have a nice life. Or don't." I think we've been here before. *yawn*

And now he's texting me telling me I'm nutty! lol! Love it!

In other, related news, another guy I briefly dated just got text-volatile with me. Yeah, it's been a morning for that! Boys will be boys immature idiots.

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lucky one said...

love how it's always about them...