A follow-up on my previous post. Apparently, this man has found my super duper secret hideout blog here and my precious privacy (*snicker*) has been compromised. See, I have two blogs. One that is openly me, and this one. This guy found this one (tricky, tricky, tricky) and posted a comment here, as well as on the other. Hence the reason for my last post directed at him. Here are the most recent deets:

Him: FYI.. I was really tempted to break a foot off in both of your blog bashes about me. But, on second thought, I realized it just really wasn't worth my time.. Just like you..

Umm.. ok, but he's still reading and texting me! "Break a foot off in both your blog bashes.." Aaahahahaha! Apparently, punkin' you don't know who's blog you'd be breaking a foot off in. I thrive on shit like that.

You know, I said it before and I'll say it again.. Quit texting me. Quit reading me. Knock it off or I'm gonna think you're still kinda into me. And again, I'm sorry your feelings got hurt.

Move along now.


Dustan said...

Nope, no longer interested! I might grudge fuck ya, but that's about it..

Vixen said...

Ok, I totally lol'd when I read this.

But um, no.

Toni said...

He ssems to remind me of another asshole...... hmmmmm they related?