Le Petit Mortem [The Resurrected]

Character Reference:

Character name: Sonnielion

Character age: Age Unknown

Character description: Fallen Angel/Demoness

Character stats: Sonnielion is a soul hunter. She collects souls and sentences them to eternal damnation.

Special abilities: Rapid evolution, shape-shifting, psychic ability. Further abilities are currently unknown.

Short Bio: Sonnielion lived an average human life and died a normal human death. She found Heaven to be dull, her disobedience great, and hence was thrown from it to the fiery pits of the Underworld where she thrived. She has returned to Earth to appease her desire for selfish entertainment at others' expense and accepted the stipulation that she must collect souls in return for her seemingly insurmountable power.

Perched haphazardly from the post neighboring the rooftop gargoyle she sat contemplating the slower-than-usual nightlife. The sun was setting and her view of South Street was a full one even in the fading light thanks to her other worldly senses. Feeding was a pleasure not a necessity being what she was. What she loved being.

Heaven was a lovely sight, one should never doubt this as the truth. But alas, heaven was not perfect. Heaven was boring. You’ve heard the saying that it is better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven? This too, she had learned, was also the truth. When her human form died many, many years ago, she witnessed firsthand the truths within both statements and while a pleasant place to visit, she determined she wasn’t interested in staying beyond the golden gates. Of cloud dancing and guardian angel activities she grew weary and instead began burning earthly humans for entertainment, much like the cruel child torches ants with a magnifying glass. God was not pleased and threw her from the sky, as if tossing out a piece of trash. Lucky for her, she had pleased another deity who, for years, watched her actions in silence and braced her fall, taking her into his arms as his child. He needed her, adored her, and best of all, he appreciated her and her many malicious talents.

But this world too, grew dull and she asked to tread the earth. Her adoptive Father accommodated her request with the stipulation that she collect him souls. With pleasure she obliged, swearing to forever be his faithful soul hunter. Finally, she was truly happy.

She stretched her leathery wings and let out a sigh, her red-tinged eyes glinting in the rapidly falling darkness. For a demoness she was beautiful. Far more beautiful than any of the human women who’s bodies she could borrow and ravage at will. In her true form, her skin was a smooth grayish hue that subtly matched the horns sprouting from her scalp through her dark silken hair. Her facial features were delicate, albeit otherworldly, and the iniquity of her nature showed through her no longer entirely human stature. She wasn’t frequently seen this way, instead choosing her alter-appearance for public presentations. She shifted to it now, trading her unusual skin for a human tone and the ridges that ran down her spine for commonly dressed skeletal features as she eyed the vampire below crossing the street. Vampires didn’t have souls as did the living, and therefore were obsolete to her purposes and immune to soul larceny. Still she watched. She decided she had nothing more interesting to do on such a slow night than to mingle and stood to drop from the ledge, her wings catching the breeze and lowering her gently to the ground a few yards from where the vampire was all but hidden within the shadows.

She nodded to Raven, whose curiosity of this incomer was belied in her eyes. She slid her right ankle behind her left to curtsey with false demure, “greetings Raven.“ She spoke in an unrecognizable accent, noticing the slight startled expression that crossed Raven's face at this stranger knowing her name, even though she hid it exceptionally well. "I am Le Petit Mortem," she spoke with mock formality, “but you may call me Sonnielion.”

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