Osama Bin Laden, Dead

So they say. Now, I fully believe in ghosts and spirits, even the occasional key thieving gremlin, not to mention the Toilet Paper Baby, but I tell you, I have a few reservations about this. Some questions that haven't been answered for me. I fully accept that perhaps this is the case because I don't follow politics nor care to, but still, my blog, my questions.

How do we have his DNA to prove it's his body? Sure, supposedly we could get it from a family member of his, right? One of his bazillion siblings? So who's to say we didn't get the body of his brother or stunt double? His wife (or a dozen of them) identified him? In the US, you can't be forced to testify against your spouse. From the stories I hear, in the Middle East, you testify against your husband you're stoned, or acidified, or trampled by camels or something. Why would wifey risk it? If we were close enough to get his actual DNA, why did was he alive to be killed 10 years later?

Why couldn't we see his death, pictures of it? We saw pictures of what he did to us on 9/11.

His body's in the ocean? A watery grave? So that his people can't build him a shrine and worship his bullet-riddled body? Seriously? Didn't we stop bombing them for Ramadan? We respected their holiday after the orchestrated attack by bin Laden, but we don't respect their burial of him? Where's his body really? And why isn't his head being paraded around NYC on a stick?

Something just doesn't seem peachy to me. I rest my curiosity for the night.

Regardless, if the whackjob is dead, good.

Now what are we planning to do about Edward Cullen?

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