Tezryan Ronwe [The Resurrected]

So my alter ego was a RPer not so long ago, but the group disbanded. A friend and I attempted to recreate it from scratch, but with her starting a new job and me still in school, it fizzled. I'm sure I won't get any takers here.. huh? Huh? Anyway, it's worth a shot:

Character Reference:

Character name: Tezryan Ronwe

Character age: Born in the 1700's

Character description: Vampire. Approximately 5'4" in height and small in stature. Pale skin, silverish blond hair, eyes are silver and blue.

Character stats: Tezryan possesses the same skills as all vampires, superior strength, hearing, vision, healing capabilities, and speed. She needs blood to survive but emotion to remain at her strongest. She is an emotional vampire.

Special abilities: Hypnosis, clairvoyance (but clairvoyance comes to her randomly and usually in the form of sleepless visions), wings (but is not overly skilled at flying, preferring to stay close to the earth for she moves far more quickly there), daywalking, human manipulation, respect for and love of all things nature and the innate ability to call them to aid, sonokinesis, pyrokinesis, shadow manipulation and ability to merge into shadows, she is able to gain the memories from those of which she feeds.

Short bio: In my former life I practiced alchemy, witchcraft of a sort, and I have not given this up. I married at age 22, to a man named Nathanial Ronwe who became mayor of our town. He was killed 9 years later, by a vampire. He turned me to save my life. I am extremely loyal to those that have earned it, but I hold an active grudge forever. I believe in revenge, and while it may take years to achieve, I always do. I never forgive or forget a transgression against me. I forever improve upon and increase my skill span. My veracity is only surpassed by my sense of humor. I emanate a strange combination of viciousness and compassion. I am a formidable enemy and a valuable asset.

Familiars: Hell Hound (Fenris - Great Norse Wolf), Cobra (Naamah - Mother of Divination), Sabre-tooth Tiger (Kione - Meaning 'Someone that comes from Nowhere')

She didn’t know where she was. She lifted her head from the pillow to shake the fog from her brain and looked around. Nice place, but it wasn‘t hers. She rolled to her back, wincing as her skin met the sheets. Oh, yes. Blood intoxication. It was coming back to her now. She hated this part of playing with elder vampires, the displacement. Their bite marks didn’t heal as rapidly as most wounds and while she didn’t mind the pain, she did mind the amnesia. Very much she minded the forgetting, she was so used to control. She often wondered how small a price it was to pay for the temporary euphoria she found in being fed from by those stronger than herself. But, she rationalized, everyone has a vice and this was hers. Just as every time was the last time.

Sitting up, her eyes scanned the room. There was blood on the walls and a corpse on the floor. She peered over the edge of the bed to examine it’s features. Male, probably pretty handsome, she mused, before they had gotten ahold of him. He suddenly coughed, the spray of blood brought up from his lungs hitting her face, and she recoiled in surprise. “Ok, so you’re not a corpse,” she reconsidered, reaching down to run her fingers through the stickiness of his blood-tacky hair.

She needed to get out of here. Swinging her legs over the edge she stood gingerly, hoping they’d support her weight. Where were her clothes? They appeared missing, she saw, and almost giggled. What a day. Rowena must have taken her clothes, and fortunately for Tezryan, left her own. As she pulled the black silken gown over her head and smoothed it past her hips she knew that while she’d likely never see Rowena again, at least her clothes fit nicely even if a little too long for Tezryan’s height. She slipped on the boots that laced up her calves and ran her fingers through her long, pale hair pulling it up into a loosely wrapped twist. At the sink she splashed cool water onto her face until it ran clear of blood.

She crouched next to the man lying on the floor, his fear recharging her senses. He was left alive by the elders, for her breakfast. She smiled at their consideration before sinking her fangs into his jugular.

Tezryan pulled the door open and without a glance back into the room she stepped out, leaving behind the day of debauchery and a corpse on the floor.

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