That Kinda Girl?

An email I received today - as is, unedited, as I received it. Um, seriously.

ok, so we've been talking on here getting to know one another and we decide to meet up at ahotel. I get a room with a hot tub in it cuz its sexy fun. I hear you know so i slowly open up the door and wow!!!! you are amazinly beautiful!!! you look so sexy in that mini skirt!! I invite you in and we and we drink some wine and talk for awhile. Suddenly I cant take it anymore.....i lean over and french you! your kiss is so sensual and very wet. your turning me on by the way your moving your tongue. i then lay you down and begin to kiss your neck. i kiss and suck (no hickies...eww) your neck and begin to massage your breasts as we kiss again. i know your enjoying this cuz our kisses become intense. I slide my hand down on your leg and massage your thigh. you then unbutton your shirt and i take off your bra and i love your lil titties. your nipples are so hard and i begin to to make my way down to them. i gently suck on them and bite lightly. i then unbutton your mini skirt as you peel it off. i get up and take off my shirt. i spread your leggs wide open and begin to kiss, lick, and suck your inner thighs. mmmmmmmmur loving this cuz i see ur getting goose bumps. i kiss, lick and suck down one inner thigh....you know...right where it tickles.......i make my way up to your **** and i know your excited cuz i can see the "wet spot" on your yellow panties. i then slide your panties over to one side and begin to tickle your clit with the tip of my tongue.....lightlu flicking it and teasing it. I then take one long.....slow.....lick from the very bottom of your creamy **** to your swollen clit!. i love how your cramy **** tastes. i begin to gently suck on your clit and i lov the way you moan and the way ur smothering my face in your **** as you press my face deeper into you. i then slide two fingers in and begin to massage your g-spot!!!!!! mmmmmmmm i can taste your juices and you love the way im massaging your g-spot and sucking your swollen clit at the same tim e. your making my fat****sooo ****ing hard. i wanna slide my fat****on your warm wett slit and tease your ****. you know you want sum thick****throbbing inside your **** as i squirt loads of warm cum ito you!!!!! my****is hard right now........hows your ****??????

Ok, now I gotta point out here, that I've never spoken/emailed this guy before. So this is totally random. I didn't edit out the words, either, I think that was the email server. And yellow panties? Seriously? I hate the color yellow.

Just felt the need to share the thrill of being me sometimes. You're welcome.

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