Wichita Rant

So from Maize Road, you reach Kellogg and after you turn left on Kellogg, it's allegedly a straight shot to the Equity Financial Center, where NCLEX is rumored to be located. It may be a relatively straight shot, but I assure you that if you take into consideration all the on/off ramps, impossible merges, parallel roads, and one way streets, it's certainly anything but. Here's the rundown:

If you're in the wrong lane (I was in the right) you miss your ramp to the left; if you continue the street you're on (parallel to what appeared to be the highway) you eventually hit Rock Road; then take the Rock exit and you run into what (in theory) should be the intersection I'm looking for (because I'm looking for Kellogg and Rock, but noooo.. it's not.) So back onto Kellogg, where again, if you're in the wrong lane (I was in the center), you miss your turn into the bank parking lot (on the right). If, heaven forbid, you miss your turn into the bank parking lot and have to continue on the street you're on (whatever street that is), you can't get back there.. No matter how hard you try, because alas! there are one-way streets EVERYWHERE, and none of them are going the way you need to go. Forget doubling back or going around the block if you miss a turn in Wichita, because it's not possible. Instead, you go 500 miles out of your way (because you can't flip a bitch in Wichita, nope, because while technically possible, and invariably simple, it is illegal - which you aren't going to give a shit about anyway, because you'll be slaughtered in oncoming traffic), round back and then miss your off-ramp BACK ONTO Rock Road (because it's on the RIGHT, and you're in the MIDDLE lane), which begins the ridiculous cycle all over again.

I never did get back to the bank, I merely watched it pass by going the other direction from over the highway divider from whichever highway I was on at this point. I said, "fuck this!"

Yeah. Fuck that. I'll be doing my state board in Hays, which is about 30 minutes farther of a drive, but, I don't have to fight traffic, off ramps, one-way streets, and idiotic maniacal drivers. NCLEX is going to be stressful enough for me, I'm not putting myself through the drama of Wichita.

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