Once a Liar Always a Liar.. Or is it..

Once a lawyer always a liar?

I recently dated a lawyer 15 years older than me. He wasn't bad looking, but in the vast majority of areas, definitely wasn't my type. He's barely taller than my 5'3", has two daughters.. those aside, he's married to his job, making "being there" for his clients more important than being there for me. In fact, this was the essence of our final conversation. He said to me, "so you're saying I should be there for you instead of for all my clients?"

I responded, "should I want you to be here for me instead of everyone else? Is that the question?"

He said, "I have to go," and hung up on me. This was at 3pm last Tuesday.

He's also a Gemini. Bipolar, schizo fuckers.

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