Rewritten on Nov. 11th, 2011

So about me: I am a Scorpio, and this is in every sense of the word.

The Scorpio female is said to be one of the most fascinating of all the astrological signs. This type of woman is very independent and many people find her to be mysterious. Yet she is also very sensitive with a caring and compassionate heart for others. She can fall fiercely in love but if she is betrayed there is no reconciling with her. Many women envy the Scorpion female as...continued..

I am unmarried (three failed engagements), and have no children. I can't stand children, by the way, disease spreading little petri dishes. I love animals, and am an avid rights activist. I'm told that I'm somewhat of a tree hugger, and I suppose this is true, but I have my dark side as does everyone, and on that side I'm sarcastic, vindictive, mean, and sometimes angry. I'm loyal to a fault, usually my fault, and I get stepped on more often than not by those I care about.

My dating life adds great fodder for my blog, so I continue to maintain a single's ad on an internet dating site. If my Mr. Perfect comes from this, great, if he doesn't, at least I'll have something to blog about.

I am probably "too smart to ever truly be happy", to quote a former friend, and while this is likely accurate, I am willing to settle for a moderate-high happiness level and am ok with this. I will not settle, though, for less than I deserve. I know exactly who I am and exactly what I want, and this is likely why I am still single: I have the ability to rid myself of toxic people, much as a self-centered, egotistical, cold hearted snake may shed its skin. That is, unless I've allowed you past my wall of self protection - then, all bets are off, and you'll likely break my heart. You'll undoubtedly never know you've done this, though, because I guard my emotions closely, almost neurotically. I am not proud to admit this, because while on most levels it's pain free, it can also be lonely at times. I am told that I intimidate people, men especially, because I seem to ooze a take-you-or-leave-you air, and I find that the male ego has issues with this.

My favorite colors are chocolate brown, japanese red, and various shades of pink. My musical tastes are eclectic and encompass most everything aside from rap, country, and opera, which all make me cringe and change the station. I am artistic, preferring to draw instead of paint, and will hang anything unusual that'll fit in a frame, on my walls. I love sexy clothes and high heeled shoes, but never show enough skin to be trashy - although, during some of my rare drunken escapades, my behavior is just that. I love being me.

I use expletives consistently and offend most people, and this too, I am perfectly alright with. My normal behavior is generally somewhere between most people's bad and worse behaviors, but it's like Marilyn Monroe said, “I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” Preach it, sista.

I'm not religious and have an almost visceral aversion to organized religion. All these religions of the world - mistakenly - think they've got it all figured out and the rest of us are wrong and going to hell. This is stupid, to put it nicely. I think there's something greater than us out there and when I refer to it, it's usually as "The Universe".

I'm a mess of inconsistencies, neuroses, and obsessiveness, but you're no picture of perfect mental health, yourself.

And for that I won't judge you.. If you don't judge me.

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