So I had this Dream

last night and it went like this:

I was running with a few other people to the city-highway intersection with my phone camera to take pictures of this weird cloud formation in the sky. It was in the shape of a massive pinwheel and it was rotating slowly counterclockwise, kind of like a funnel cloud (although, I confess, I don't have any idea in what direction a funnel cloud rotates). As I watched it spin, in awe (it was beautiful), unable to get the video on my phone to work (goddamn Samsung), the "authorities" showed up and began hosing it down... with blood. It begins to spin faster, spraying blood all over the place and finally it liquifies and pours down a stream of blood. Everyone begins running away as huge tentacles are seen flailing in the distance, at the horizon where the sun is setting. Suddenly tentacles are everywhere, although I didn't get a good look at whatever they were attached to. I took refuge in a house with a few people I didn't know and two tiny dogs - one being about the size of a silver dollar. I tried to save one of these little dogs and it bit my finger and held on with sharp little piranha teeth and I began shaking my hand furiously trying to get it to let go..

Then I woke up.

Sometimes, I must remind myself that crazy people don't realize they're crazy.

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