Penis-Fencing Fetish

"I think someone here has a penis-fencing fetish."

Just to quote someone on facebook that I don't know.

But then... I googled it. Um, wow...

"Penis fencing is a mating behavior engaged in by certain species of flatworm, such as Pseudobiceros hancockanus. Species which engage in the practice are hermaphroditic; each individual has both egg-producing ovaries and sperm-producing testes."

Rock on, Wikipedia! Sometimes you frighten me.

So penis-fencing led me to Traumatic Insemination and Sexual Conflict, I must admit, I'm enthralled.

"In bed bugs Cimex lectularius, for example, males initiate mating by climbing onto the female and piercing her abdomen. The male will then directly inject his sperm along with the accessory gland fluids into the female’s blood. As a result, the female will have a distinct melanized scar in the region the male pierced. It was observed that males not only pierce females but also other males and nymphs. The females may suffer detrimental effects which can include blood leaking, wounds, the risk of infection, and the immune system having difficulty fighting off sperm in the blood."

...and I thought *I* liked it rough.

"Female bed bug mortality rate due to traumatic insemination could be related more to STDs rather than just the open wound."

Again I say, "wow!"

NOW it's talking about Toxic Ejaculation and Spiky Genitals!! In fact the picture you're seeing is the spiky penis of a Bean Weevil. Cool shit, huh?

I gotta tell you, I have no clue what a Bean Weevil is, but I'm entirely in awe of his penis.

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