Inking a Bulls-Eye on My Ass

And re-opening my blog.

You know, I've given it some thought (which I'm prone to do when I have nothing better to do, this thinking) and I've concluded that I don't particularly give a shit if you're stalking me or not. I love this blog. I've tried others, and I just don't have the heart for them like I do my beloved Thursdays.

So here it is, back, and revamped. I'm undecided as to whether or not I like the aesthetic changes, but for now they'll do. Oh yes, they'll do nicely.

In the re-doing of this blog, I've come across some comments from people who used to read me. Most are gone, but some are still blogging away. Yay! *ahem* Yay, and stuff.. Because everyone knows I'm incapable of forming healthy attachments.

So if you're still reading/stalking, drop me a comment or don't, but welcome back anyway.


lucky one said...

i still stalk you. how's that for a good comeback??

Vixen said...

That makes me happy, because I still stalk you too!

Toni said...

I've been wondering when you would get back here - we really need to catch up :)

Vixen said...

I missed it. I've tried a few other blogs, but my little cold, black heart's here :)

How are you?!