Shenis Peeing

When have I ever used the word "shenis"?! Seriously. Never. Go on, search my blog, the word's not here (until now, of course). Yet this is a search word in which people have been finding me?

I googled it to see the definition, even though it was apparent what it refers to, and here's what I got:

"The Shenis is gold and twelve inches long. In other words, it really is the Equalizer. It also gives us girls a chance to pee on road trips. While boating. Camping. Even outside of bars if we want. Just like men. Most important, we can do it standing up."

I'm afraid I am unable to offer you an opinion based on personal experience here. But I will say I have mixed feelings. Who wants a penis of their own? Not many, if any, women I know. At least not one that's attached to them. To assume that one would buy a Shenis for any reason other than to use it for bladder elimination, is just insane. That said, it would be nice to pee on trees, houses, out of car windows, off the edge of boats, into snow, lakes, oceans, onto small children. Just like a man. I think The Universe was playing a not very humorous joke on the female population by not giving them peeing ease, but how does the saying go? Men get to pee standing up, and we get multiple orgasms? I'll take the trade, thanks.

The Shenis is 12 inches long, because if you're going to emulate it, do it right.

So is your Vix on board? Nah. If I were drunk enough to have to pee that bad, I'd likely miss anyway. But it is a good idea. Let me know if you've got one and how it works for you!

So now I feel I've done my duty as a responsible blog writer and given these seekers of knowledge on Shenis peeing what they've come for. You're welcome.

Here's the Shenis site.

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Rick E. Belafonte said...

hahahaa, what the heck....