Traveling Wanderlust

This Sheltered Kansas Girl went to Texas. Six hour drive one way, alone. Is this over a guy, you ask? Why yes, it is. And this is all I care to share at this time. I'm not going to lie, though, leaving KS and driving to TX by myself was an awesome feeling. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.. In fact, I'll do it again in September. I didn't get to take the pictures I'd hoped to because I didn't know where I was going and picture snapping and driving at 80mph isn't the smartest idea ever.

If you'll recall my trip to Nebraska (Part 2), you'll recall how un-thrilling the scenery was. I didn't spend any time in the Wasteland of Oklahoma (before anyone reading gets hostile about the reference, I'm referring to the nothingness between cities - don't worry, KS has it too), just drove straight through only stopping in Guthrie for a potty break, fuel, and water. Guthrie, OK, from what very little I saw, is a cute little place, and I'll go back - and next time, I'm going to do more even than potty and fuel up. While I just went through Oklahoma City, I have to mention that you people drive better than Wichita Kansans.. Just sayin'. My drive back was a similar experience, except I was likely a far more seasoned, aggressive driver, at this point after having driven in Texas. And Texas drivers? Oh-my-jesus! Really? Fortunately, I drive like a deranged bat-out-of-hades myself, I've driven in Wichita, KS - and I have, like, zero fear emotion - so you didn't horrify me.. too badly. But you people drive like lunatics. Again, just sayin'.

So I really liked Texas. I liked Texas better when he did the driving and took all the stress from those fucking crazy, batshit drivers off of me. Kudos to him for that - especially in the convertible to see the Dallas Skyline.. Which I don't have any clear pictures of because, you guessed it, he drives like an unhinged psycho as well. (And, should he read this? For a third time, just sayin'.)

In other news: I may have mentioned previously that I am entirely unable to go to Walmart alone at night without incurring Creeper attention. Every. Single. Time. It's a curse, and I am the Creeper Queen. Well last night, upon returning from Texas (six hours and 387 miles, if you were wondering) I decide I really, really (like insanely rip your face off if you stand between me and a Snickers ice cream bar) want a Snickers ice cream bar. So, it being about 0100, I head to a Kwik Shop to partake. Upon approaching the counter to pay, the Creeper Dude behind the register says to me, "debit or credit?"

Me: "Credit"

Creeper Dude: "And a beautiful smile to go with it?"

Me: "Uh...huh." And I flash him my pearlies.

Creeper Dude: "What? You are beautiful!"

Me: "Yeah, thanks. You have a good night."

And as I'm heading out the door, I hear his voice chasing me, "stay beautiful, beautiful!"

Did I mention the non-English speaking guy that hovered by my car in Oklahoma? No? Yeah. I exited the convenience establishment and here's this guy leaning against his truck parked right next to my car and when I headed to my drivers door, he refused to move out of my way. I had to backtrack around the back of my car to get in. His non-English speaking friend chattered some in native tongue, and I of course haven't a clue what was said, but it had to have been along the lines of "hey, Jesus, shall we creep out the KS girl this fine night?" Apparently, the census was yes.

In still other news:

How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)

Created by Oatmeal

If this applies to zombies too, I already have my weapon.


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