A Fish Care Disclaimer

So I received a comment on a 4-year old post about how I wasn't an expert on fish and was then "educated" on the proper care. I share that with you now:

But for someone so 'educated' on fish, you should have known that a Goldfish needs filtered water. The ammonia that built up overnight is enough to kill it. You want to educate people? Go ahead but don't pretend like you did it a favor by putting it in a bowl. Bettas can last in bowls, and they usually do. One goldfish in a bowl can last sometimes a week. Two? That is 4 times the waste output of any fish. If you need ten times the filtration to combat that output, it means their waste output was up, very high. The ammonia from the water is what killed them. As any good fishkeeper knows, you separate new fish, but you do it in a well established quarantine tank. Not a crappy little bowl you probably just dumped some water into and threw them in. You educate people? Here is a lesson, when you get a fish, any fish, quarantine in a tank. And for goldfish, which yours were Black Moors by the way, you put them in at least 10 gallons with a good filter. If you think they are diseased? Put some aquarium salt in it and raise the salinity to .2%, not some random medication. And I have my own blogger, I just have spam accounts to weed out the crap from random websites. 4+ years ago, the proper care of fish hasn't changed.

And that white coating? Probably ammonia rotting his scales.

Admittedly, this dude/ette's a bit of a troll, but I've always made it a habit to encourage freakishness, and this person claims he cares about proper fish care. So, should he truly care, and not just be a troll, here's your knowledge shared. Cheers.

Blog readers in search of fish care: here's your guy*.

So let it be known that I do not claim to be a fish care expert, nor do I play one on the internet.

*I apologize for not being able to link you to his "actual" profile or blog, but this is his spam account. Tricky, tricky, tricky.

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