Fortune Favors the Desperate

Well not really, but I got a job. It's at a nursing home, 2nd shift (2p-10:30p) four nights a week (32 hours/week), and I make a bit less, BUT it's only a 20ish minute drive (previous job was an hour - each way). I'm not elated about the schedule, as it's every other weekend and Monday, Wednesday, Friday set schedule, and I'm a total 12 hour night shifter. But, oh well. A job is a job. I was chosen over another candidate with - get this - 25 years of experience. Apparently I interview pretty well.

Gotta go through orientation, probably this Friday, and then begin training next week. I'm a little excited. It's going to be nice to do away with most of the commute time. At my previous job (three 12 hour night shifts a week) total of 6 hours a week of commute, I spent about $230 a month for fuel. I think the slight pay cut will pay off in exchange for that ridiculous drive.

In other news, school starts back up on October 8th. Fuckin' yay, right? I switched to the online class, though, so I'm sure you'll see more posts here as I regularly determine this is more urgent than homework.

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