I Am Done Slacking [Week 4 : Day 4]

It's been awhile since I went running, as you can tell. I'm ashamed to admit that the last time I went (after being sooooo *cough*enthusiastic*cough*) was 9/18. But you know what? I decided tonight that I was going to repeat the three days of Week 4 before moving on, and tonight was the start of that. And you know, I can still do it.

So there.


Toni said...

In case you need added motivation, I recently followed your lead and restarted using the gym membership I have been paying for 2 years and haven't used in a year & 10 months.

Tuesday am: 30 mins on treadmill (glute buster setting, 15 reps each on 4 arm weights.

Tuesday pm: 1 hour yoga class, then arm weights.

Wednesday am: Aqua running 45 mins then whirlpool.

God I hurt all over :(

Thanks Vix for the motivation!!!

Vixen said...

Yay you! I've been wanting to do a yoga class. I do some at home, but never actually gone where they show me how. I love yoga, and it's such great stress relief.

Aqua running - is that ridiculously difficult? I've never done it, but I hear it's a great workout.

And your blog? I haven't been keeping up like I should, because my schedule's a joke. Are you keeping a blog about your gym adventures? You should!

Toni said...

good advice, maybe I will post it there too :) - as for the aqua running it is actually alot of fun, alot of exercise (sweating in a pool - who'd a thunk it?)all the benefits of a run - no shin splints ;)