Happy Thanksgiving [Week 8 : Day 1]

Even though I don't celebrate holidays.

More importantly, today was the first day of Week 8. Twenty-eight minute run. Easy, easy, yes? No. But I did it. Unfortunately, when I had finished, MapMyRun informed me I had gone 7.5+ miles. Impossible, because the trail I ran was only 2.5. (Can you imagine 7.5mi in 28min?!) So I get a notice that my GPS had failed - no, really! I honestly can't tell you how far I ran, which upsets me a little because this was my longest run yet and I don't know how far it was.

Oh, well, 28 minutes, anyway. As you may have noticed, I haven't skipped the suggested day between runs. This is because while I don't particularly enjoy running at the moment, afterwards I feel great.. and who can't use that?

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