Nine Miles, No Bueno

Kinda not. It was certainly bueno until the next day, that is. I overdid it. I admit it. The knee pain the next two days reminded me that I'm still pretty much a beginner - albeit a very spiffy one, right? - at this entire running business. There was a lot of ice happening during work yesterday, and not much productivity (although this, is not new at my job.)

I was right under five miles from my December goal of 50 miles, though, and I felt better tonight (muscle soreness, but no longer pain), so I ran another three miles tonight. MapMyRun = 3.05mi run/jog, 38:17, 12:32min/mi. I had hoped to do the entire 5 miles I was short, but my body had other plans. I stopped at three with plans to finish the mere two miles on the 31st, since I have company this weekend and we're again headed to Nebraska tomorrow morning.

No further toe stigmata has been observed.

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