Well, I Used to Have Pretty Feet

As you read in my last post, I thought it would be a fabulous freezing night to go running. I said I'd post the results of tonight's run as soon as I returned home and thawed. I didn't do this, exactly. I came home, stretched, bragged talked on the phone, sat in front of the space heater, took a long shower and shaved, got online and did about 100 other things before finally beginning this post. Sorry.

But I'm here now!

What did I wear tonight, you ask? I wore my normal running pants, which so happen to be the same I've worn to the gym for awhile (back when I was going to the gym regularly). Yes, they're old, but I adore them and will wear them until my ass falls out the back someday. I then put on my new (black) short sleeved moisture-wicking t-shirt, covered that with a very thin long sleeved (white and gray striped) turtle neck, and topped the ensemble with my new (black) moisture-wicking running jacket (which has thumb holes - and I LOVE thumb holes!) I wore regular socks and my usual running shoes, a beanie hat, and those fingerless gloves that have the mitten flap (if you have the slightest idea what I'm talking about). I stepped outside and wasn't immediately paralyzed by the cold. I walked about a block and began running.. slowly, as my body was irritated because I've been lazy lately. In about a mile I warmed up pretty quick and began thinking the long sleeve layer wasn't necessary (although, both base layer and jacket are made of that slippery material that initially feels like it's been pulled from the freezer, the long sleeve prevented that).

My plan was to run 3 miles. Up until that third mile I was still determined that 3 miles was it. My nose was drippy and one of my toes on my right foot was hurting a bit. I figured I gained my first blister (not quite as dramatic as my first battle wound, but hey! A blister could mean I'm a real runner now!

I kept going. What's 4 miles? It's not TOO unpleasant yet, right?

Five miles.

Six miles. Please. This is nothing.

My foot feels kinda damp (but only the right) so the blister must've popped or only one of my once pretty feet was sweaty. Big deal. Seven miles.

It's a bit colder now, the temperature must be dropping. Or maybe I'm slowing down. That long sleeve shirt is beginning to serve it's purpose now. My left knee is starting to ache a little.

Eight miles. This is child's play. But I've really gotta pee (since like Mile 4!)

Eight point five miles. My right knee is commiserating with my left. But really, who would stop now?!

Mile nine. Yes. This is correct.

MapMyRun says: 9.01mi Run/Jog, 2:00:47, 13:24 min/mi

I'm not making much headway in the speed department, but I like to think I'm making up for it in the distance category.

I got home in one piece, and fully realize now that 30 degree weather (and perhaps even a bit lower if wearing the clothing I wore tonight) is totally no excuse for skipping my runs. Imagine how cold I could tolerate with warmer running clothing? Never deny your body it's ability to amaze you!

I have an account on MyFitnessPal and committed to running 50 miles in the month of December (I can't recall if I mentioned this before?) and had chalked this month up to a loss because it's so COLD here lately. I tallied up my totals from MapMyRun for the month, and came up with 45.61 miles. I can still totally make it. Don't worry, you'll hear all about it. Maybe twice.

As I was saying, I got home and did the laundry list of things I mentioned above and during this, I found the blood in my shoe. My sock was all bloody and apparently my poor toe had blocked it all out - because it didn't hurt at all until I stepped in the shower. I investigated and found no blister. In fact, I found no booboo anywhere. My toe hurts and apparently bleeds spontaneously from no known trauma. Stigmata, perhaps? Fret not, I'll keep you informed on this phenomenon as well.

I was kinda stoked about my first blister, too.

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