Embrace the Soul Suckage

I have a theory. Ok, it's not originally my theory, but I am the one to elaborate on it. Read: I'm the only one bored enough to give any serious thought to it.

Here it is: Nursing home residents suck the energy out of their caregivers.

Profound, huh? A coworker of mine said to me the other day, "Vix, these people are draining our souls." To which, I replied, "yeah, I think you may be correct." My response was a general, "uh-huh, ok, whatever" type of response at the time. But then I began thinking. She is right.

Let me toss in here that over this past weekend I worked one double and 3/4 of another double back-to-back. Friday I worked 2p-10:30p, then Saturday was 9:30a-10:30p (after being woken up that morning at 6:45a by the phone ringing to ask me to come in even earlier than 9:30 because someone didn't show.) Sunday was 6a-11p. So maybe my brain was on vacay. But I digress.

Think about it, really. You have some elderly people that in all honesty and fairness, their bodies probably shouldn't still be in operation, right? Yet still, on they plug, day after day after day while those that care for them are getting weaker and sicker and suffer more and more back and shoulder injuries, fatigues and depression, right? Right. It's common knowledge that those in the healthcare field (namely, long term care) have lifting and other strenuous injuries, not to mention they catch every virus known to man (and some bred specifically for the health worker) simply because they have first access to them. First come, first serve!

I'll mention here that there are exceptions to the sickness rule and these are that some healthcare workers have such amazingly acquired immune systems (thanks to incubating every bug on the planet) that they could be hit by an ebola truck and walk away without bleeding eyeballs. But this, admittedly, takes some practice. I haven't achieved this feat yet, as you know, from my own recent brush with the stomach bug of agony. But again, I digress.

So how do these people - and you know which people - keep hanging on every day? They are draining their caregiver's life forces. Sucking it out right as I type. The inactively dying are living vicariously through those that wipe their asses every day. (Does this mean they're actually wiping their own asses? Another digression..) You're considering this now, too, aren't you?

I'm not attempting to be unkind or even particularly crude here, but you have to admit it makes a certain type of sick sense. The patient sustaining while the nurse (or aide) is exhausting. I don't know about you people, but I personally wouldn't want these vampires I'm only paid to tolerate clinging to my coattails to hover in the land of the living. Would you?

Didn't think so.

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