Detestable Kansas Weather

It's been forever since I posted, huh? I guess I had better. Our weather is nasty, I haven't run in 2 WEEKS, and I have lung critters (thanks so much, Muttski) that are making me cough. I was supposed to go to Texas last weekend, a "Winter Storm" stopped that. I was supposed to go to work last night, a "Blizzard" stopped that. I've been supposed to go running at least every other day for the past two weeks, work AND a Winter Storm-Blizzard stopped all THAT. I'm angry, and agitated, and missing the only thing that seems to really bring me peace - running. My physical therapy is going well - or at least I think so. It was, anyway, until I haven't been able to test it out lately. I don't mind running in the cold, but I draw a line at a sheet of ice over every surface in the area. Depressing.

In other, yet quite relatable news, I work the next six evenings starting tomorrow. Boo. This means, should my piece of the planet ever thaw out, I'll have to run in the morning. Not usually my favorite time, but under the circumstances, I'll take it and rejoice. Yay.

P.S. I still need a good pair of running shoes. If you're reading this and you have a favorite brand, lemme' know, k?


Lisa said...

hey. where in kansas are you? i'm in kansas too! found you on the runningbloggers site.
as for shoes my favorite for the past two years have been keen A86 trail shoes. and yes i do wear them to the gym and on the road.
also check out my blog www.onefitstep.com cause if you're interested i'm having a giveaway for two free entries to the gnarly neon 5k in wichita!

Vixen said...

Hi Lisa!

Heading over to your blog :)