This Run Brought to You by Anger, a Ridiculous Pain Tolerance, Determination (and a Craving for Pancakes I'm Not Gonna get Anyway)

My run this evening was broken down into three parts.

Part I consisted of a mile and a half of shin splints, which I haven't had in ages. MapMyRun: Distance: 1.54mi, Duration: 18:30, 12:01min/mi. So I stopped to stretch.

Part II was slightly improved at the beginning, shin splints were better but still there. This part improved eventually and turned into a very good run.. Until Mommy Dearest blew up my phone. Time still sucked. MapMyRun: Distance: 4.51mi, Duration: 56:34, 12:32min/mi. So I finally answered the phone (after the 5th or 6th call), paused my GPS and began walking. Then overreacted and told Mommy Dearest to leave me alone, that I was running! and I didn't appreciate being bothered. We hung up, and I stretched and decided to try again.

The pause blew my Mojo and my knees hurt in Part III. I did another three miles for what may actually be my P.W. (Personal Worst) time. MapMyRun: Distance: 3.04mi, Duration: 39:00, 12:49min/mi.

But I don't care. I'm just entirely happy with myself that I ran 9 miles through shin splints, sore knees, and exaggerated anger at my Mother obsessively calling me because she didn't know where I was.

And all this after sleeping 4 hours after working 16. Go me!

I may have never in my life wanted pancakes more than I do right now.

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