Move Aside, Life, I Gotta Run

This title is misleading. Life has gotten in the way of my running habit, I'm ashamed to say. Weather, work, procrastination, every flu bug going around.. even laziness, have all interrupted. I am unhappy with this. So I'm changing it, duh. Starting now tomorrow morning (because it's 10:30pm and I don't run outside late at night, you know, because I'm not entirely crazy and let's face it - there are monsters out there). Anyway, 5:15am and it's on. And by "on" I mean I'm dragging my tired ass out of bed, slinging my hair into a braid, layering up, and snoozing through my stretches. Maybe then, just maybe, I'll be out the door by 5:35am and running a fabulous three miles (because more than three at 5:30am IS entirely crazy AND I work a double tomorrow. This means, I work 2p-6a).

In other news, I bought a bicycle last weekend! Still no running shoes, though, because the shoe place was closed much earlier than I had expected on a Saturday - both of them. Damn running shoe stores. Who closes at six on a Saturday? No excuse is good enough. I digress. It's been suggested to me that I try this thing called Cross-Training (I kid slightly as I refer to it as "this thing", because I have honestly heard of it before... once or twice.) Who wants to do this shit? I just want to run. *sigh

I am excited about my new bike, though.

My last physical therapy appointment was last Thursday. I gave the PT assistant my number in case she wants a running partner. I'm supposed to have a doctor's appointment this Thursday to see how I've fared with PT, but I'm rescheduling it due to my lack of activity that would indicate whether or not I need further knee tests or treatments. Never fear, you'll be kept posted.

During my patrolling of other Running Blogs, I came across this post at Lace & Race and was given the awesome idea of paying myself for every mile I run. This is great! So here are my rules (and I'm copying a few of Michelle Marie's):
1) I'll pay myself $1 for every mile I run, and will pay myself every payday, on the day (this varies which days at my job but is approximately every 2 weeks)
2) I will pay myself $2 for every mile I run BEFORE EIGHT a.m.
3) I will pay myself $3 for every mile I run in a race this year (which so far, I haven't run in any! There are a few on the horizon, though, that I'd like to see myself in.)
4) If I get honked at, cat-called or whistled at, $4.
5) If I stop during a run for a potty break, $5.
6) If I obtain any more Battle Wound Boo-Boos, $5 per wound.
7) If I puke during or within 20 minutes after a run (which is usually when the nausea hits), $10.

Added Rules:

8) I'll pay myself $.25 for every mile I bike - I figure this will add up pretty quick.

I may add "rules" as this progresses - and if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! What shall I do with my earnings? I dunno - but it'll be run related, and I'm sure I can figure that out.

This new savings plan shall commence 3/13/13. There's a countdown thingy somewhere over there in my sidebar.

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