Stop the Bandwagon, I Wanna get Back ON!

I didn't fall off the bandwagon exactly. More accurately, I leapt off of it headfirst in an agonizingly ungraceful manner and I'm pretty sure it ran me over. I have tread marks in the form of pounds on my body. Almost ten of them, to be precise. Bastards. I haven't been running as frequently as I should (and would like to) since the two week hiatus that the weather forced me into, and lets just face it - I really like food a lot.

So I'm posting this here in hopes of remaining accountable.


Anonymous said...

I've been a lazy old lump in the past but have started trying to live a healthier life & taking my exercise...so i know damn well you can do it again!

Just go for it!

Vixen said...

But laziness is sooo much easier! lol
I'm slowly getting back on the wagon - tonight was a 3 mile run, but my best time yet!