"And say what?!? ...

You haven't updated your blog about your awesome new shoes, new friend and new plans for races?!?" -Quoth my New Friend

She's right, you know. *sigh. So here's what I say:

I got AWESOME NEW SHOES! I did. Let me find a picture so you can wholly enjoy the awesomeness of my new kicks. Here.

Brooks, you make a bad ass shoe.

My New Friend, we shall call her "Kabrielle". She may be my long lost, slightly more refined, twin. She's my vegetarian/vegan (like me), health conscious (like me, before I bounced off the bandwagon), weight losing (I AM, goddamnit), yoga loving (why yes, I am quite flexible), race running (twelve 5ks in twelve months - yeah, we will), new friend who has introduced me to my new shoes, PB2, Bettern' Peanut Butter, new veggie restaurants, and tutus. Which leads me to the next thing she felt I was amiss in blogging - New plans for races.

Indeed. Mind you, I haven't yet run a race. But we're scheduled to.. In less than a month in fact, and you'll note the ticker in my sidebar. Twenty-nine days. That means I have 29 days from today to practice up and figure out how I'm going to keep up with her in my spectacular tutu and rockin' new shoes. Not to mention catch up because she's already ahead of me in her year's twelve. Yes, I'll be wearing a tutu. Go ahead and laugh it up while you're sitting on your ass on the couch awaiting my spiel of how awesome the experience was.

And while we're on the topic, I recently ran 11 miles. Yes, you read that right. MapMyRun says: 11.04mi, 2:08:46 time, 11:40min/mi.

In other news, That Texas Guy and I are heading to Pikes Peak, Colorado for the International Hill Climb next month. You'll hear all about that business, too.

And eventually, you're going to be privy to my present work crap, but I've yet to be able to articulate it like a rational human being, so that'll have to wait a bit. Stay tuned.


Kabrielle said...

*applause* Sounds like an awesome chick! ;) Proud to be a good influence, and glad to have your friendship and support! I've never met another gal I have so much in common with. I definitely think you were sent me for a reason! *smooch*

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