30 Days of Blog - Day 4 (So I've Got a Problem..)

30 Days of Blog June 4th's post.

Here's the problem: I no longer write incognito. This is good in many ways, yes. But bad in others. I am no longer free to rant about my job or my coworkers (I really do love you guys, by the way, should you ever read this. Seriously. Most of you, anyway.) I can't bitch about my relationship (no, I'm not having any problems in my relationship, but if I were!) I can't complain about my friends, my family, nothing, really. This means I can't entirely be myself. So. I'm converting my former running blog to a super secret and ultimately private blog. Don't worry, the few those of you that normally read me, you'll be included. In fact, I'm not particularly shy about who gets to read. Therefore, if you stalkers want in, email me at scalvak@gmail.com and let me know. In the meantime, everyone should know that this is for the especially private and personally sensitive business I don't feel comfortable sharing with the general public.

THIS is still my blog, and THIS is still where I'll spend most of my time.

Tonight's the next run in my June 5x/week. Yay!

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