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For a Vixen Moment that you're probably not used to seeing. Here goes: There comes a day in everyone's life when their self esteem skyrockets. I'm not talking little hot air balloons filled with steamed air from windbag bullshitters, I'm talking the day we each personally realize just how far we've come and how much we're truly worth. You will gauge every following moment in your life for its worthiness to garner your attention.

In this moment I segue to my last night's activities, and say Thank You to Kabrielle and G. Thank you for being my friends.

That saccharine moment wasn't too difficult to spit out!


No, oh few devout readers of my blog, I haven't lost my edge. I promise.

In other news, you may note the counter to your right that's was tracking a countdown. It's now counting up. I completed my FIRST 5K! And boy, have I gotta story for you!

I drive to Kabrielle's, we gear up (and when I say 'gear up' I mean hot Bad Ass Ballerina tanks and rockin' tutus!), and head for the spot where it all begins. What we didn't count on is misjudging the start time. We both (no, Kabrielle, it wasn't just you) thought it was 8:30a. We arrived at 8:00 like the perfectly punctual Bad Ass Ballerinas we are, and alas, the race is beginning! We were late. We found parking and leapt out of the car and ran.. to where the START line should have been. There wasn't one. K. asked where we were supposed to start, there was some dramatic gesturing and pointing and inaudible dialogue, and so we ran. Technically, I figure we blew everyone else out of the water because we totally ran farther than anyone else in this race, but whatever. Since missing the START line, our time was skewed. I clocked in at 47:34. Now, you know I must be telling the truth here, because when have you known me to run a 15:19 mile? NEVER! Because even if I ever have, I wouldn't tell you about it, duh.

Anyway, it was FANTASTIC. I knew I loved running, I knew I was excited (and deeply freaked out) by my first 5k, I was even afraid I'd hate it and then what would I do? Run in the streets, without my name in Race Results posted on the internet for everyone to see? No, thanks. We all know how I like my attention, right?

Our next run is July 6th. It's 4th of July themed, obviously. Little red sparkle skirts, stars and stripes knee highs, glitter headbands, and I'm going to find body glitter by then too. The Bad Ass Ballerinas are going to rock that one as well. And this time, we'll even be on time.

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Kabrielle said...

We will rock the next one!!! And be on time :) Hugs!