Some People Are So Distasteful That Even Dipping Them In Chocolate Couldn't Make Them Tolerable

Sometimes, I am this person. Typically, though, I attract these people instead. Reason would conclude that we all are, indeed, what we attract. Deep huh?

My blog recently received a review stating: Nice looking blog although no reason for anyone to visit..

I say to this reviewer, fuck you.

Back when I started this blog, I ranted and raved, I cyber stomped my pretty little feet (and I do have pretty little feet), and I raged to high hell about everything from work to school, friends to exes, daily bullshit to absolute nothingness. And I was liked better, then. Why? Because readers could commiserate with my anger, frustration, and all around unhappiness. I appealed to the miserable masses. Lucky you.

In some ways, I'm not that person anymore. In other ways, I'm more that person than I ever have been. I still get angry and frustrated, and while I can't say I'm truly happy, I also can't say that I have the desire to appeal to the misery in others. Why? Because I have realized that you all are not the type of people I wish to attract. To the Miserable Masses, I also say fuck you. And pity party on without me.

If you can't bring "better" into my life, then stay out of it altogether.

In other news: Just typing this title has made me crave chocolate.

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