30 Miles. 30 Days. & Summer Semester Complete

I haven't been running which leads (along with weight gain and back issues) to being unable to run more than brief periods of time. I've started biking, which I really don't like much, but I'm going to attempt to get 30 miles (however they come) in 30 days. I started yesterday with an 8 mile bike ride. I I've never been a huge fan of the bicycle (and forget stationary bikes) but the longer the ride, the more my tailbone hurts now. It sucks, but it's all tied together, and letting myself fall so far out of shape is a big reason the back pain is so bad.  I've tried several times to restart C25K with varied results; sometimes after running, my back hurts pretty bad and that derails the routine. So anyway, small steps and shit.

I finished Summer Semester last weekend (straight As!), 12 credit hours, and Fall Semester starts mid-August with another 12 credits. I had decided to minor in Psychology, because multiple math classes have added 3 semesters to my plan and I wanted to fill in the holes, but upon review of my transcript I'm closer to an associate's in psych, so that's where I'm going with my BSN.

I'm starting a new job on August 15th, back to being a Psychiatric Nurse, and I'm pretty stoked about this.

I have some personal shit that I'm not ready to talk about yet because (I'm superstitious) I refuse to put it into words. But I wanted to post here since it's been such a long time.

Added because there's never too much cuteness.

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